Four Hands Dinner
- Thursday 27 July -

For one night only, our chef Marco Masotti will be joined in the kitchen by his friend Alessandro Intini from Noi in Petersham.
They will feature some of their signature dishes, and our Fabio Dore will match the wines on the night

  6 courses $109
matching wines will be available on the night

Snack on arrival
Tuna sphere | Sella Vinoteca

Pig’s head roll, aglio, olio, peperoncino | Noi

Risotto Jerusalem artichoke, porcini powder, parsley | Noi

Bollito misto; beef, chicken, cotechino & pearà sauce | Sella Vinoteca

Pre dessert

Blood orange curd, crystalized white chocolate | Noi

Dark chocolate, beetroot mousse, candied beetroot | Sella Vinoteca

Tables available from 6pm

A credit card Booking Guarantee of $50.00 per person is required. Funds will be verified, but not charged to your card at this time.

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