conservas españolas - tapas style lunch
- Saturday 16 December -


conservas españolas - tapas style lunch

Sat 16 Dec $75pp
The tradition of 'conservas' (Spanish canned seafood) originates from the need to preserve the freshness of the abundant catch of the seasons along the coasts of the Atlantic & Mediterranean. Over centuries, this art of preservation has evolved and been refined into the gourmet tins we know today.

For this pre-Christmas lunch, our Chef Marco has created a tapas menu with a selection of conservas, as the hero of each plate.

And best of all? All the tins will be available to purchase on the day at a special price. Perfect to add to someones stocking, or we can help you create a hamper

Thursday 7 December

$75pp 4 courses

Tempura mussel escabeche, Spanish onion, seaweed mayo
Squid ink rice cracker, ventresca, yellow tomato, stracciatella, ginger mayo

Razor shell mousse, potato gratin, pickle cucumber
Squid in ink, peas, orange, guindilla
Cantabrian anchovy, brioche, paprika tomato, salmoriglio tomato, green olives, basil

Spaghetti, sardines in olive oil, broccoli pesto

Tables available from 12noon

A credit card Booking Guarantee of $50.00 per person is required. Funds will be verified, but not charged to your card at this time.

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